Production Fantasia

I started choreographing because of my love for music. My love for music makes me want to do keep on doing this. I have been singing and dancing since I was 15 years old. My biggest inspiration in all my work come from watching movies. I love to tell a story and bring an audience into my world. I have been choreographing shows since the year 2000. Istarted a dance company for latin & salsa dance.

We quickly became The Number 1 danceteam in Holland. With my team we travelled and performed and gave many classes all around the world, and i still do. My journey as directing started in 2008 when i was offered todo a musical production in France & London. Quickly i created a concept that changed the dance world forever. With the use of Video and technical possibilties my creativety became limitless.

My work as Technical director came when different producers & promoters wanted someone to take over this part of the event. Because of my work I became the bridge between the promoter and the technical team. I even saved different events lots of costs in their investment. I make sure that whatever the producer rents is neccassary and being used in its fullest extend.

Many rental company charge for unneccasry equipment that is not necassary. Working as a director means for me: to create a team where everyone respects eachoter work and to make sure everyone has the same goal: “To create a specatular show”. Its my job to prevent mistakes from happening and to come up with solutions. Because whatever happens the “Show must go ON!” Succes of an event doesn’t happen without hardwork and i work hard for each event i direct.